Services for Project & Infrastructure Financing

  • Credit lines providing up to 80- 95 % debt financing to corporates for project development, including real estate, and corporate acquisition debt financing starting at $/£/EUR 25 M and up.

  • Senior and Mezzanine Debt Financing, Project Debt, Convertible Bonds, Credit Lines, etc.

  • Project Finance Structuring

  • Off-take financing, Royalty Financing, Streaming and Other Alternative Non-Equity Financing Structures.

  • Co-Equity Financing

  • Insurance Wrapper Structures

  • Sectors: Mining, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Alternative Energy(Solar, Wind, Waste To Energy, Biomass, Hydro, Efficiency, etc.), Oil Services, Oil Rigs, Infrastructure (e.g. Toll Roads, Airports, Transportation, Power Plants Construction, LNG Terminals, etc.), Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Aviation and Shipping.

  • Project Due Diligence and Analysis