Listed Company Equity Capital Raising


Equity Non-Deal Roadshow

  • Listed company equity capital raising:
    secondary share placement

  • Listed company debt financing

  • Promotion of the equity story to through family office small group lunches and one-on-one institutional investor meetings

  • Up to 4 road shows per year

  • On-going investor follow up and news flow updates

  • Possible add-on research coverage option including large initiation report

IPO's & Reversal into Listed Shells


Private Equity Capital Raising

  • Listing on AIM, ASX, TSX in cooperation with preferred local partners

  • Dual-listing on AIM of ASX & TSX

  • Equity Capital Raising

  • Reversal of projects into listed ASX, TSX and AIM-shells

  • Private equity capital raising

  • Private equity debt raising

  • Private equity alternative financing

      • Off-take financing

      • Short term bridge financing

      • Structuring of transaction

M&A Transactions

  • To deliver strategic and valuation advice to global natural resource companies, incl. M&A, restructuring LBOs and take over defence

  • MBOs, preliminary research of acquisition targets, market place etc

  • M&A activity on behalf of seller or buyer for:

      • Disposal of assets, spin-outs

      • Acquisition of assets/companies